Gauteng Spatial Development Framework

Project Details

  • City: Gauteng, South Africa
  • Year: 2011
  • Client: Gauteng Department of Economic Development
  • Discipline: Spatial Planning
  • Sector: Spatial planning

The Gauteng Spatial Development Framework by GAPP aims to accommodate growth and sustainability by providing a clear future provincial spatial structure that is robust, flexible, compact and complex.

The GSDF, based on infrastructure-led planning, provides the spatial context for the Gauteng City Region in which the economic, ecological, social and cultural aspects find physical shape and form.

It aims to guide infrastructure investment and the management of activity patterns and transport towards: (a) integration of apartheid fragments, (b) safe, affordable and sustainable public transport, (c) quality of life and living, implying proximity to, or easy and affordable access to quality open space and social and cultural facilities (d) shared, sustainable and inclusive economic growth, (e) protection and enhancement of the natural environment, (f) choice, enabling individuals and communities to decide within an overarching framework that works for them, and (g) creativity and innovation, ensuring that the province can adapt to change in constructive ways.


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