Westgate Shopping Node Development Framework

Project Details

  • City: Roodepoort, South Africa
  • Year: 2011
  • Client: Pareto
  • Discipline: Urban Design
  • Sector: Retail and commercial

Following on from the urban design framework that GAPP prepared for the Westgate Shopping Node in 2011, an updated approach was developed in consultation with Pareto, as the major developer, during four design charettes held in early 2019.

Pareto finds itself in the position of being a shopping centre owner becoming a landowner and land developer. Consequently, Pareto is thinking in a broader way about how the Westgate Shopping Node development can add value to its neighbours and grow a more complex urban profile.

For so many shopping centre developments across the Gauteng City-Region, the typology of the big box surrounded by a sea of surface parking is becoming dated, and the social and economic consequences that were always implicit are becoming increasingly apparent – this calls for a review of the situation at Westgate and a fresh and more inclusive approach to the development model for an urban community centred on a major retail node.


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