bank city johannesburg 1988  


bank city, johannesburg, 1988

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The National Bank Building, also known as Corner House, at Market and Simmonds Streets in Johannesburg, was designed by architects Leck and Emley in 1903. It shares its façade with the neighboring Corner House building, and in 1953, Barclays expanded it with the Market Street extension, seamlessly integrating both to create a unified unit. Renovations have occurred under its current owner, Barclays Bank.

In 1987, Barclays became First National Bank as it withdrew from South Africa amid industry-wide modernization. BankCity, a visionary project led by GAPP, emerged in response to these changes. It centralized human resources and banking operations in Johannesburg’s Central Business District.   

GAPP’s urban design principles ensured BankCity became a distinctive corporate headquarters while seamlessly integrating into the city. It needed to convey banking solidity, blend tradition, and reflect Johannesburg’s essence. 

Architects in association: Revel Fox & Partners cc; GAPS Architects and Urban Designers cc; Meyer Pienaar Smith Inc and RFB Consulting Architects cc  

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