Cotswold Downs Urban Design And Show Houses


Cotswold Downs Urban Design And Show Houses

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The architectural idea was to establish a flowing spatial relationship between the inside and the outside areas of the houses. It is important to maximize the value of the site; all sides of the houses are special.

The original Cotswold in England is an incredibly beautiful area. The relationship between the buildings and the farmlands is very picturesque and evokes a wonderful sense of belonging to the countryside.

The intention for our South African Cotswold Downs Golf Estate is to evoke a similar sense. In our case the relationship of the show houses to the golf course. One of the fundamental ideas of the four show houses is to create a village cluster. The individual houses are in turn composed of detached buildings, therefore forming a “village within a village”.

The pitch roofs are reminiscent of the original Cotswold. The 45-degree pitch allows a loft space in our 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 storey guidelines. The choice of slate roof is important as the village building composition will result in views onto the neighbours’ roofs.

The architectural designs of the show houses are the beginnings of what is to become an integrated village neighbourhood providing a design standard on which to progress and improve.

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Durban, South Africa

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