Moreland Millennium Bridge


Moreland Millenium Bridge

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Faru Faru lodge is a partially tented camp set within Singita’s private reserve in northern Tanzania. Inspired by the hard exoskeleton of insects, the main lodge is a protective roof, a strong armour-like carapace providing form and shelter to the areas below.

The arch- agreed to be the most innovative gateway to the New Town centre of Umhlanga. ‘At night, with mast mounted up-lighting shining onto large reflectors, the bridge forms a glowing arch of light.’

The erection of the arch bridging the main access to the development is constructed using 45 tons of grade 3CR12 and 240m of grade 304 stainless steel tube, with thickness of 3.5mm and a diameter of 150mm. All stainless steel was manufactured, at Columbus Stainless in Middelburg.

The masts are manufactured from 3CR12 and three stainless steel tubes, each approximately 60m in length, form the arches on either side.

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Umhlanga, Durban

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