Regional Transport Master Plan for Johannesburg Region G


Regional Transport Master Plan for Johannesburg Region G

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The Region G Transport Masterplan, is a groundbreaking initiative that reshaped Johannesburg's urban landscape. In collaboration with esteemed partners, including Royal Haskoning DHV, the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, and JRA, GAPP meticulously directed this endeavour, ensuring a meticulous and strategic approach.

This visionary project commenced with a thorough analysis of the existing urban fabric. Through exhaustive research, stakeholder consultations, and in-depth examination of land use reports, and spatial policy, GAPP navigated the complexities of Region G. The aim was to identify pivotal development trends, anticipate economic activities, and surmount challenges such as wetlands and ridges.

Central to the strategy were advanced modelling techniques, namely the Urban Morphological and Bidrent Models. These sophisticated tools guided the project with scientific precision, illuminating potential development areas and informing crucial decisions related to transport networks and infrastructure investments.

Beyond the confines of conventional urban planning, the focus extended to the limitations of the existing road and rail networks. GAPP proposed strategic enhancements, to unlock economic potential, emphasizing both north-south and east-west connectivity. Major, intermediate, and neighbourhood nodes were detailed to create vibrant spaces harmonizing accessibility, economic influence, and diverse land use activities.

In the pursuit of a dynamic development landscape, GAPP introduced a comprehensive Grid Road Transport Model, emphasizing a network of roads, that elevated both vehicular and pedestrian mobility. Additionally, the integration of the Bidrent Model empowered the project to pinpoint areas with exceptional development potential, serving as the foundation for effective intervention strategies.

This project transcended mere infrastructure development; it encapsulated the essence of community-building. By fostering cultural and social spaces and nurturing sustainable growth, GAPP envisioned a Region G that stands as a beacon of innovation, connectivity, and refined urban living.

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