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Tau Lodge design encompasses sustainability at is core. The main lodge building is carefully oriented to maximize natural daylighting opportunities on the north and south facades, whilst reducing solar heat gain through the use of timber latte shading devices and large roof overhangs.

The need for air conditioning could be reduced using the principles of passive heating and cooling, which work well in the hot-dry climate of Madikwe, where there is large diurnal swing of temperatures – with summer temperatures ranging from 19°-32°C and winter ones 4°-24°C.  

The design employs materials which are predominantly green, low in embodied energy, rapidly renewable and locally sourced. Solar panels mounted on the north roof slopes of the roofs over the back of house areas could take care of the power requirements of the main lodge. Over time, a solar energy farm could be developed on a site a little away from camp in order to meet the power requirements for the entire lodge. 

The geometry of the roof allows it to function as a rain collector, with harvest points at the east and west down-turned apices. This water could be stored in below ground tanks and recycled for camp irrigation, washing of game drive vehicles and flushing of toilets. 

Tau refuse is currently burnt and buried. A waste management plan could be implemented to facilitate that this waste is sorted, compacted and transported off-site for recycling. 

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