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A constant theme emerging from the financial analysis is the implacable dialectic between the need to keep residence fees as low as possible and the need to provide student housing and accommodation which meets minimum acceptable standards. This dialectic is particularly relentless at institutions which draw students from the poorest communities in South Africa.

These campuses are located in impoverished areas with a severe shortage of suitable accommodation for the area’s residents, let alone students. Consequently, such campuses ideally need to be able to accommodate a minimum of 80% of total student enrolment in on-campus  accommodation in the short to medium timeframe, and 100% in the long term. 

Ceremony and tradition are important dimensions of university life. Places of formal gathering and of procession become important informants of design.  

The internal organization or structure of universities needs to be ordered around a logic of publicness and privacy. All university activities have, in terms of their needs, a place along a continuum ranging from very public to very private.   

For example, the places where interaction with the public occurs (performance and exhibition spaces, sports facilities, administration offices and so on) are very public: discipline-specific academic buildings are far more private.   

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