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The Winchester Hotel, marking its centenary, has undergone an extensive renovation, restoring the iconic Cape Town Grande Dame to its former glory. Originally built in 1922 as an apartment block on the beachfront, the hotel now stands across from the Sea Point Promenade. In 1958, it was transformed into a hotel by the Harvey family, who still own it today. Facing structural issues, the recent renovation, led by architect Andrew Flint and his team, involved significant structural changes to address plumbing and structural deterioration, making the hotel compliant with fire and electrical regulations.

The challenges of the refurbishment extended to creating space for modern amenities, such as air conditioning, while addressing the corrosion of the concrete slabs due to the sea air. Much of the work was structural, including the reworking and redecoration of the guest rooms and public spaces. Creative director Mardré Meyer and his team at Source IBA contributed to maintaining the hotel’s unique story while infusing it with a contemporary touch. The renovation emphasizes the Winchester’s iconic features, celebrating its place in the hearts of Capetonians and guests from around the world, and the hotel’s rich history, from celebrations to brunches in the courtyard, further solidifies its status. 

The Winchester Hotel reopened in late 2021, receiving positive feedback from the Wainford family, the public, and its regular guests. The focus on preserving the building’s uniqueness, sense of nostalgia, and cherished memories ensures that it remains a timeless anchor in its location. The hotel retains its beloved features, from the picturesque bougainvillea in the courtyard to the chic sea-facing terrace, promising another remarkable century in the story of this exceptional establishment. 

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Seapoint, Cape Town

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