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At the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST), innovation, education, and growth are fundamental principles. GAPP, in collaboration with Royal HaskoningDHV, was appointed to develop the Campus Master Plan, in 2014, serving as the foundation of the strategic vision and providing a clear pathway for the future development and expansion of the campus over the short, medium, and long term.

In 2016, GAPP initiated a comprehensive review of the BIUST Master Plan, setting the stage for ambitious goals. In 2021, GAPP, in association with Royal HaskoningDHV, was reappointed to reassess the masterplan and devise urban design strategies. The primary objective was to ensure seamless harmony between proposed new buildings and BIUST’s academic vision and strategic plan, thereby enhancing the learning environment for students and staff.

The Master Plan transcends mere physical structures; it embodies BIUST’s commitment to fostering academic excellence, promoting research, and facilitating holistic growth. The focus lies in prioritizing the enhancement of quality open spaces, creating efficient movement networks, and strategically clustering facilities. Through these efforts, GAPP aims to optimize the learning experience and elevate the living standards of students on campus.

The collaboration between BIUST, GAPP, and Royal HaskoningDHV represents a fusion of expertise and innovation, ensuring that the campus remains a hub of knowledge and learning. As the institution continues to evolve, the Master Plan acts as the guiding document, leading toward a future where education transcends boundaries and knows no limits.

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