Gaborone CBD Masterplan


Gaborone CBD Masterplan

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In collaboration with Moralo Designs and Kerrin and Co Landscape Architects, GAPP Architects & Urban Designers played a transformative role in shaping the Gaborone Central Business District (CBD) Masterplan. Their expertise and innovative approaches were instrumental in evolving the heart of Gaborone into a vibrant, sustainable, and economically thriving urban center.

The Gaborone CBD Masterplan aimed to redefine the cityscape, harmonizing modernity with cultural heritage to create a dynamic urban environment. GAPP Architects & Urban Designers, known for their meticulous attention to detail and creative vision, were entrusted with key aspects of the project:

1. Urban Analysis and Design: GAPP conducted a comprehensive analysis, studying the city’s layout, architectural elements, and infrastructural nuances, forming the basis for innovative urban design concepts.

2. Public Environment Lead Design: GAPP enhanced public spaces within the CBD, developing inviting parks, walkways, and recreational areas to encourage social interactions and community engagement.

3. Development Guidelines: GAPP formulated guidelines fostering the CBD’s growth, emphasizing a public environment-centric approach, promoting inclusivity and functionality.

4. Sustainable Development: Sustainability was at the core of GAPP’s approach, integrating eco-friendly features, promoting green spaces, energy-efficient buildings, and sustainable water management systems.

5. Economic Hubs and Connectivity: GAPP emphasized district development within the CBD, integrating commercial spaces, office complexes, and retail outlets, enhancing accessibility for residents and visitors.

6. Community Engagement: Collaborating with Moralo Designs and Kerin and Co Landscape Architects, GAPP actively engaged the local community, facilitating the design of spaces resonating with the city’s residents.

7. Cultural Preservation: GAPP preserved and celebrated Gaborone’s rich history, integrating cultural elements into their designs, paying homage to the city’s traditions and values.

8. Implementable Projects: GAPP identified projects, focusing on starting small yet ambitiously to achieve significant success in the CBD. This approach included innovative institutional arrangements, positioning the CBD as Botswana’s flagship city

GAPP’s contributions, in partnership with Moralo Designs, to the revitalized CBD stand as a testament to their dedication and expertise. The transformed urban hub meets the needs of the present population and paves the way for a sustainable and prosperous future, solidifying GAPP Architects & Urban Designers’ pivotal role in shaping Gaborone’s urban identity.

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Gaborone, Botswana


Government of the Republic of Botswana Department of Town and Country Planning Ministry of Lands and Water Affairs

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