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uct lecture theatre

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The recently completed New UCT Lecture Theatre will be used as a general lecture venue available to all the faculties on UCT Upper Campus. The brief called for a state-of-the-art 400-seater lecture theatre using *sustainable building principles and incorporating the universal access policy. Lobby spaces are design as Learning Spaces

UCT’s new lecture theatre embodies excellence, sustainability, and inclusivity. This 400-seat facility on Upper Campus prioritizes green principles and universal access. UCT is the second university in South Africa, after NMMU, to have an accredited green building. 

Modern Design / Featuring curved seating for 400 and excellent acoustics, it’s an ideal space for teaching and learning, equipped with cutting-edge AV gear, fostering knowledge sharing. 

Heritage Integration / Respectful of UCT’s history, this addition seamlessly blends into the campus’s historic landscape, preserving University Avenue’s essence with natural zinc roofing, a top-ten element in the Earth’s crust that creates a patina over time.  

Universal Access / Inclusivity is paramount with innovative lobby spaces ensuring access for all. UCT’s strong commitment to accessibility is evident. The new lecture theatre includes breakaway zones and gathering areas with screens that can project content from inside the auditorium. This is also an informal learning environment as the social spaces and foyers are open to the public during the day. 

Green Initiatives / Sustainability shines with Virginia creepers for shading and other eco-friendly features. The maintenance-free zinc material reduces resource needs, boasts a low primary energy source, and is 100% recyclable, earning a 4-star Green Building Certification. Environmentally friendly features include windows that open and shut automatically depending on the heat and carbon monoxide levels, motion-sensor lighting and the harvesting of rain water to flush the toilets. 

* This project has been awarded 4-Star Design Rating Certification by GBSA. 

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